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About Candlelight Productions

Rob Rothkopf, OwnerCandlelight Productions creates video productions for a variety of applications. We began specializing in theatrical and dance productions serving the Western New York / Buffalo and surrounding areas, and have expanded to more diverse applications including Lifecycle Videography (Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Life Journals) and Corporate Promotional/Training DVDs. We also offer out-of-town location shoots.

Our Clients love our work, and frequently ask "Why" and "How" we do what we do.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons:

  1. What we do, matters. 
We believe that as we share our lives, we are sharing bits of our selves with our friends and families.  By helping others preserve their memories through words and images recorded on our timeless keepsake video productions, Candlelight Productions makes a positive difference in people’s lives.
  1. We love what we do, and put this passion into our work.
With every interaction, every conversation, every dance, musical, concert, wedding, bar mitzvah, corporate message – with every production we create, we strive to enhance the experience by retelling the story in a meaningful, tasteful, artistic way, which is true to the essence of the moments we’ve captured, and the message we’re delivering.
Multi-Camera Productions
To facilitate the vision, we encourage the use of multiple cameras for most of our shoots, to accurately convey, in your DVD production, the feeling of the experience.  Intimate.  Tense.  Calm.  Elaborate.  Beautiful.  Chaotic.  Single camera shoots are OK for simple documentaries; larger-scale events deserve more than a “camera-on-a-stick” (the single-camera on a tripod run by a friend or relative) – they deserve a production.
  1. We believe – Life is Art
We want to help you share your art, tell your story, preserve life moments.


Winter 2013/2014:
All we can say is THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting the arts. Thanks to you, our communities are richer, our children are nurturing their creative spirits and are benig inspired to follow their dreams!



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